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Zach’s massage story began in 1998 in the island of Puerto Rico as an athlete from a Specialized Olympic School called the Albergue Olimpico (Olympic Center), a very prestige boarding school that trains top elite youth athletes to become the best in their discipline of sport by training very intensely and sewing the seeds to become the next top Olympic athlete (a Grassroots School). Zachary Guzman is an alumni from the Albergue Olimpico (Class of 2000), he was an athlete in the Olympic sport of Tae Kwon Do.


In addition, the school is an educational center, allied with the Olympic Committee and the Department of Recreation and Sports, supported by the Center of Sports Health and Exercise Sciences, aimed at the comprehensive development of the student athlete, who will use sports as a principal instrument for his cognitive-constructivist and humanities education.


Having it’s own sports medical clinic center. It is here where Zachary learned his first massage techniques; as massages were being performed on him for recovery purposes. It was here where Zachary’s massages had its unique and humble beginnings as he started applying the techniques that he would learn to help some athletes recover from their sore and tired muscles and improve their recovery time in a even quicker asserting fashion by providing sports and trigger point massage techniques.


Zachary Guzman

Massage Therapist & Owner

Heritage: Spaniard-Italian/Puerto Rican

Born in Massachusetts, USA


Zachary Guzman is a Certified Massage Therapist from the Board of Nursing of VA. Zach has over 18 years of Health & Wellness experience! He is also the personal Massage Therapist for: Patrick O'Connell- Chef/Proprietor of The Inn at Little Washington


Zachary Guzman has also been; a Physiotherapy Tech with a vast knowledge in Physical Therapy procedures, a Private Coach & Trainer, a Certified 5th Degree Black Belt- Master/Coach in Tae Kwon Do and a Blue Belt in Hapkido.

Sue Guzman

Marketing & Public Relations

Heritage: Caribbean - Spaniard

Born in Puerto Rico, USA


Sue is  Zachary's business associate and marketing designer.  Because of her extensive talent, she is able to present new concepts and ideas for the business and project  them successfully in both graphically and financially.

We also have a list of massage therapists working for us.

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Our Team

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